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Hollowvale, Perdition's Disguise, and Dust Jacket Studios have recently been taken over by the seemingly benevolent overlord Sanguine Keep.  The three heads of these covens have become it's Keepers.  

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Hollowvale, a town someplace betwixt realms, has appeared recently, though its origins are much, much older.

It is noted that, although Hollowvale has shifted and morphed many times before, it has always been a place of gathering for creeps and queers.

The creatures intentions at times are unclear but one thing is for certain: Hollowvaleans are an odd bunch, always equipped with devious tricks -and if you're fortunate- wondrous treats.

Enter if you dare, and with an open mind.  Only then, the strange, the unusual, and the ugly may present you with good fortunes.


Rituals and Rites

The binding of kindred souls through the tendrils of shadow that touch and chill us in the night after a long sweaty shift at the day job.

The drying herbs and spices being prepared for the potions of coffee and tea to keep going and finish that last minute project, or to fill the room with pleasant smells since there hasn't been time to properly catch up on cleaning.

The blood sacrifice of the sheet of paper that snagged a hangnail in the middle of sifting through the last three drafts of that work we've stayed up hours trying to perfect.

Our goal is community outreach- striving to help build and support one another.  The shadows that follow us are friends ready to lift us up and support our work.  The whispers in the dark are of encouragement.  Visit our FAQs for more information.

Welcome to Hollowvale.  Enter the void.